We recently contacted you from kdp-quality@ regarding Kindle book(s) you have which contain content that is freely available on the web. You informed us that you have unpublished the following book(s):

Garbage, Inc. (ASIN: B00413QO8Y)

Because you have not proven that you hold exclusive rights, we have temporarily suspended your account. While your account is suspended, you will not be able to access or modify any books in your bookshelf.

To reinstate your account, please reply to {email address} with the following confirmation: “I confirm that I will remove any content for which I do not have the exclusive publishing rights and that I will adhere to all terms in the Content Guidelines when submitting new content.”

Until you respond to {email address} regarding this issue, your account will remain suspended. To prevent termination, we encourage you to review our content guidelines and unpublish any other books that may violate our policies