Monday, July 27, 2009

GhostReader, Sowen Updates

I've been shopping around for a text-to-speech reader that I can use to convert my stories to audiobooks. I found a program called GhostReader that works fantastic, and it will only make your wallet lighter by 40 bills. The voices, while no Frank Muller or Carolyn McCormick, are lifelike and there are plenty to choose from. The software has the ability to convert entire Word docs and PDF files to MP3s. My 65,000-word novel took about 5 minutes to convert to an audio file that I was then able to listen to on my iPod.


I've been a bit light on my Sowen updates, so here's the latest...

I've sent out somewhere in the vicinity of 30 queries to agents. While I've sparked some interest, overall the response has been less than earth shattering. I've found myself in this weird world of blind revisions, for a lack of a better term, where I keep making changes based on feedback that offers no real reason for rejection. For instance, if an agent responds with something like, the beginning didn't capture me, I feel obligated to revise the beginning with absolutely no clue why it doesn't work for said agent.

Actum est, comites!
(That's all, folks!)

Later Fiends,


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