Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Summer That Never Came

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, animals both domesticated and wild, I'd like to open with a bit of advice: After receiving your meal in a dining establishment, poke your food a few times with a fork to make sure nothing squirms out ... especially in pasta where there are a lot of hiding places.

It was 50 degrees outside when I woke up this morning. In the month of June, only three days went above 80, while the sun only poked out six of those days. This week isn't going above 75; just last year 90 was the average. This has got to be a hard sell for all of those global warming enthusiasts.


Saw this book on Amazon a few days ago. Fancy Coffins to Make Yourself is pushing 10 years old, but, hey, does material like this ever get old?

Amazon also suggests the companion ... Do-It-Yourself Coffins for Pets and People.

I think every hospital and doctor's office should have these two books in their waiting rooms.

Later Fiends,


I saw this post after reading an article about a funeral home that lost its license for cutting off the legs of the dead so the bodies would fit into the caskets.

I guess there's all kinds of do-it-yourself ingenuity in the death industry.

I might have read the same article not too long ago. If I remember correctly, the guy was too tall to fit in the coffin, so the funeral home gave him a trim.

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