Monday, April 27, 2009

Query Letters & Blowtorches

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, animals both domesticated and wild, just when you thought the day couldn't get any worse--ta-da!-- I appear like a ninja.

So I'm up to my elbows in work--bill paying work and non-paying writing.  The later, of course, being the important one. I'm still reading agent queries, studying them as if they were the Dead Sea scrolls, trying to find that one piece, that nugget of information that will provide me access through the glorious gates of the publishing world...

... And I've learned that no such nugget exists. DAMMIT!
... And I've learned the whole damn industry is steaming pile of contradictions.

So on to Plan B, which involves a pair of pliers, a blowtorch, a bunch of heavy grade contractor garbage bags, and a SASE, you know, because it's just rude to expect that an agent would pay for the return of any material.

Later Fiends


Sounds like a good plan...I'm going back to submit again. The query I have works, I just need to find the right home for my manuscript.

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