Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another heaping pile of ... links

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, animals both domesticated and wild, if this blog suddenly stops, it is because they finally got me ... Shhh. I think they're coming.

Still running through a gauntlet of feeds, still a 1000+ to go, still more to share.

Today's selection begins with another movie, one that I can't put my finger on exactly. It's the reason I find it so cool. It might actually be something unpredictable ... I would daresay, gasp, different. Here's a clip of 9.


In writing news, The Elements of Style turned 50 this year. Even though you can probably find the book for free online, you won't get the shiny 50th anniversary hardcover addition unless you lighten your wallet by about 14 bucks.


Amazon released a bigger, more expense version of the Kindle called the Kindle DX. Go them.


4 foot worm discovered at an aquarium in England.

My favorite quote from the article: "It really does look like something out of a horror movie! It's over four feet long with these bizarre-looking jaws. Having done some research we also discovered that it is covered with thousands of bristles which are capable of inflicting a sting resulting in permanent numbness."

Later Fiends,


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