Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finished Draft!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, animals both domesticated and wild, let's get this party started!

Well I'm sitting next to my revised draft of
Sowen, all 396 manuscript pages, about 70,000 words binded and pretty looking.  With a computer it's easy to forget how large a manuscript actually is, then you spend nearly forty-five minutes printing your novel at work, after hours, hoping that your boss doesn't see you. Not that I would do that of course, but I'm just saying.


Amazon has released the Kindle 2 to mixed reviews.  I'm on the fence about the device myself.  Since I travel often I think it's nice to be able to store over 1,500 books in one little 10.2 ounce device, but I'm turned off by the steep $359 tag and choice of electronic-ink display (I'd rather have seen a color display like the Fujitsu FLEPia e-reader).  

And do we really need an e-reader?  Some reviewers are comparing the Kindle to the Apple iPod, but I think we're talking apples and oranges.  Music and video have been changing formats for years.  It's part of the evolutionary process to get better sound and video quality as the technology advances.  Words, on the other hand, don't require many technological advances.  They work the same way on an ordinary piece of paper as they do on a 60 inch cinema display.  And for many it's nice to at least have one piece of technology--the book--that doesn't require an upgrade or new player or an outlet.  I have books on my shelves that are decades old.  If I buy a Kindle, how long will those digital books last before they become obsolete to a better technology?

What's your thoughts on this, dear reader?


Mastadon's a new album Crack The Sky is coming out 03.24.09 and even if you're not a fan, I would suggest checking out It's one of the the more hypnotic album sites I've seen in a while.

Later Fiends.


Congrats on the manuscript!!

I don't know about the kindle. I use microsoft ereader for when I read on the computer. When I don't read on the computer, I like a book in my hands. Don't know if I'll ever make the switch full time, but it might be a good idea to preview some different authors without spending as much money.

YAY for a Manuscript! Thats awesome! I'm really happy for you.

As for the kindle I dont like it. I like the feel, smell, and all around goodness of my books. There's something about holding a fresh book off the shelves and knowing how much hard work was put into the making. The thought of just holding a little screen in my hand to read from my fav authors already gives me a headache. While I am a fan of tech, I guess the kindle is just something that I'm to old fashioned for.

Thanks, Lex. That's really nice.

I agree with you on the Kindle. The device is trying to replicate a book, but there is no substitute for the real thing.

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