Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tarantula Hawks & Revisions

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, animals both domesticated and wild, welcome!

Only about 100 more pages to edit in the second revision of Sowen. I've been averaging about 30 pages a day, which is way above normal for me, and I am excited that the finish line is starting to come into view.

I'm currently working on a scene that features tarantula hawks, nasty little things. You get stung by one of these wasps and you'll wish you died instead. Fortunately these wasps don't care much for us humans. They prefer to keep company with, yes, you guessed it, tarantulas.

The female tarantula hawk paralyzes a tarantula, and then lays its eggs inside the spider. When the larvae hatch, they eat their way through the still living tarantula, creating one of the most macabre nurseries in nature.

In Sowen, the tarantula hawks are zombies that paralyze human souls so they can control the person they sting. In the chapter I'm editing, the main characters are having a hell of a time avoiding them.

Right then, back to editing.

Later fiends.


Ughhhh! I hate parasites and anything that reproduces parasitically. Creeps me out, man. Far out! Way out!

Those things controlling souls -- yikes. I'm intrigued.

That's the reaction I was hoping to get. Thanks for the compliment!

Ugh! Thats so creepy! I hated those things before but UGH! *shutters*


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