Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fresh Eyes

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, animals both domesticated and wild, Happy Fat Tuesday!

I've almost completed the second revision of Sowen, and I'm ready to start coercing some family members into reading it. This will be the first time fresh eyes will read my novel, and I am awaiting the blank stares and uncomfortable silence that will follow. It's why I have to pick family members, you see.

The story still needs lots of polishing, but the plot makes enough sense for someone to critique the big picture while I continue to grind away at the finer points.


One of my characters would like to say hello. This is Sakima Michalappotis, but if you prefer you can call him the Spider King. He is a wolf spider who was once a Native American Indian chief. Sakima is the leader of a spider tribe that resides in the dead world and comes back to the living world when summoned by the main character Christopher Sowen. Sakima is a natural enemy to the zombified tarantula hawks, but his motives are sometimes questionable. He might be a good guy, or he might have other plans entirely.

Say Hi, Sakima

Later Fiends.


Oddly enough that isnt the scariest picture I've seen of a spider today.

YAY for family reading! Thats always fun.

I think the spider looks cute, like a puppy with a chew toy ...

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