Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A list of conferences I will not be attending

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, animals both domesticated and wild, if you've recently lost a wallet, please stop by our courtesy desk. We do not have the wallet, but it is on good authority that we might know who does. And if that person doesn't know, we can most likely provide you a loaner until your wallet is retrieved.

Right ... today I am searching through a list of potential conventions.  Most are either too far or just flat out unaffordable.

2009 Stoker Awards Weekend - I've been to this one once about five years ago and the panels and information were fantastic.  Plus it's always nice to be around authors with similar views on literature. Unfortunately, this year it is clear across the country from me--Burbank, California--so I must pass.

World horror Convention 2009 - Yup, this is the biggie. Yup, I won't be there. This year it is being held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Next year it's in Brighton, England. Chances are you won't find me there next year either.

BEA - Now this one is in my neck of the woods (what a silly cliche. Woods don't have my neck). So this one is still--um--up in the air for me. If I do drop any coin, it will probably be for the Writer's Digest sponsored Writers Conference, which is held the day before BEA starts. Both are in New York City. I haven't looked through the list of agents and panels that will be available, so I'll have to weigh that against the $200 price tag. I'm not very fond of Writer's Digest because they seem to be more predatory than helpful to emerging writers, but I've never been to this particular shindig, so maybe I'll try it.

Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors (New York) - Because I want to attend at least something gory this year, I might have to check this one out. It is the cheapest of all the conventions, at least for a single day pass ($20 per day). I wasn't impressed with the lineup, mostly because I'm looking for independent presses, agents, editors and such.

So if anyone knows any additional conferences that I can't afford or are geographically inconvenient, please feel free to leave me a comment.

Later Fiends,


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